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JunZhao ‏@junszhao

  1. prov #f2f3 is supposed to start in 10 minutes. No one who are physically in #ipaw2012 has shown up yet :)

21 Jun Tim Lebo ‏@timrdf Learning Californian speak at #ipaw2012: "huffing" a softball...

21 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian talk slides for the #ipaw2012 "Sons for provenance" via @slideshare

21 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth cool - over 5000 provenance graphs captured from crowd sourcing evacuation routes - #ipaw2012

21 Jun DrMike ‏@mikejewell Interesting talk on Structured Occurrence Networks and Provenance by Paolo Missier - very well pitched! #ipaw2012

21 Jun Andreas Schreiber ‏@onyame Open full-time position for Provenance & data/knowledge mgt topics at @DLR_en. Ask for details! Pls RT #ipaw2012

21 Jun Carly Strasser ‏@carlystrasser +1 RT @pgroth: enjoying #ipaw2012 but wish I could also be at #altmetrics12 - why can't I be in two places at once?

21 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth Slides of Phil Bourne's keynote at #ipaw2012 - The Provenance Divide - also links to #altmetrics12

21 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth enjoying #ipaw2012 but wish I could also be at #altmetrics12 - why can't I be in two places at once?

21 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr

  1. lawdi folks: Michael Jewell presenting on archaeology data at #ipaw2012 Sheepgoat eluded to! Check out

21 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian Phil Bourne #ipaw2012 only hope for science acceleration is openness. Provenance is part of the required reward model

21 Jun Andreas Schreiber ‏@onyame "I Am Not a Scientist, I Am a Number" by Philip Bourne, who gave the keynote at IPAW. #ipaw2012

21 Jun Deborah McGuinness ‏@dlmcguinness At SBA after great first day if #IPAW2012 on way now to #websci12 and #wstnet discussions tonight

21 Jun Deborah McGuinness ‏@dlmcguinness Great day at #IPAW2012 in Santa Barbara Good interest in our #TWC #RPI provenance granularities, functional reqs, and semantic prov capture

21 Jun Andreas Schreiber ‏@onyame IPAW conference dinner is a BBQ beach party. Nice. #ipaw2012

21 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr

  1. ipaw2012 day1 takeaway: Prov is science heavy. Data curation needs this now. How to get cultural heritage, dh & lam to see we need it too?

21 Jun DrMike ‏@mikejewell @davidcorsar is a man of many hats. #ipaw2012

21 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth ibm developer works article introducing the @w3c provenance model #ipaw2012 #prov

21 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Man, 2 min is harsh for lightning talks. Presenters are nailing it so far! #ipaw2012

21 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian

  1. ipaw2012 human pipeline ligthing talks with drastic time cutoff by ruthless chairs

20 Jun Khalid Belhajjame ‏@kbelhajj @TomDeNiles gave a nice talk in #ipaw2012 on deriving provenance for existing documents.

20 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian prime use case for representing uncertainty in provenance RT @pgroth: cool - reconstructing provenance from @TomDeNies #ipaw2012

20 Jun James Frew ‏@jefrew

  1. ipaw2012 misses @carolegoble

20 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian slides for #ipaw2012 datalog paper are available: via @slideshare

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20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth cool - reconstructing provenance from @TomDeNies - I'm working on similar stuff with @saramagliacane - #ipaw2012

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth provenance enabled curl - @timlebo #ipaw2012

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr This frbr + http + hash digests + provenance slide for describing an http transaction is *awesome*. Just wow. @timrdf #ipaw2012

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr @TomDeNies Then some of us are at andlinwinpaw. #ipaw2012

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Non-library reference to FRBR in a talk. Applying FR* to model resources in general on web & unpack symbol->referrant. Sweet. #ipaw2012

20 Jun Tom De Nies ‏@TomDeNies are we sure the "i" in #iPAW2012 isn't to express sympathy to a certain hardware brand? ;)

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth more evidence that datalog is all the rage - RT @kbelhajj + paolo misser - W3C prov encoding using Datalog at the #ipaw2012.

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth @timrdf 1st law-"for any provenance record,there exists a consumer who needs it, but will not like how its provided!" #ipaw2012 @TomDeNies

20 Jun Tom De Nies ‏@TomDeNies @timrdf 's 1st law of provenance: "for any provenance record, there exists a consumer who needs it, but will not like it!" Truth @ #ipaw2012

20 Jun Khalid Belhajjame ‏@kbelhajj Paolo Missier is about to give a talk on W3C prov encoding using Datalog at the #ipaw2012. Don't miss it.

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth the integrator's dilemma and how provenance might help - #ipaw2012

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth @carlystrasser we wish you were here at #ipaw2012

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Interesting to learn of Oracle's Total Recall. Database history management, w/ neat provenance potential. #ipaw2012

20 Jun Mark Matienzo ‏@anarchivist just cuz I'm not at #ipaw2012 doesn't mean I can't learn more about provenance. watching #ncbo webinar w/ yolanda gil:

20 Jun Kerstin Forsberg ‏@kerfors Multitasking tonight :) Following #ipaw2012 tweets Watching #ncbo webinar #provenance

20 Jun Carly Strasser ‏@carlystrasser Wishing I were at #ipaw2012 right now. I knew about @DataONEorg provenance working group meeting but not ipaw!

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth integrating a workflow system and oracle's total-recall feature presented at #ipaw2012

20 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian do I need to use Oracle with VisTrails to take advantage of DB state tracking? #ipaw2012

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Very cool dynamic ebook work from Bristol & Southampton: Check out the EBook User Guide under Downloads. #ipaw2012

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Whoa. #ipaw2012 is a fairly small conf, about 50 attendees, and now there's a speaker from NYU Poly here... Small world.

20 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian interesting e-Stat project / DEEP provenance talk at #ipaw2012

20 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth cool tracking provenance in excel - SourceTrac: Tracing Data Sources within Spreadsheets at #ipaw2012

20 Jun DrMike ‏@mikejewell Kick-off at #ipaw2012 - appears we have 1 non-Mac user.

20 Jun Paolo Missier ‏@mpdemian

  1. ipaw2012 under way

20 Jun dot.rural ‏@dotrural Attending #IPAW2012, look out for dot.rural research being presented by @davidcorsar in Session 4 20 June

20 Jun JunZhao ‏@junszhao Catch up on tweets on #ipaw2012. Wish I am there :(

20 Jun Kerstin Forsberg ‏@kerfors Today I'll follow #ipaw2012 - 4th International Provenance and Annotation Workshop, #LinkedData

20 Jun DrMike ‏@mikejewell Arrived in Santa Barbara for #ipaw2012! What time does the van go from the Upham tomorrow?

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Imagining infinite provenance recursion: Doc has prov info which has prov info &c. When to stop & what does that last bundle mean? #ipaw2012

20 Jun Tom De Nies ‏@TomDeNies View just outside the #ipaw2012 venue. Can you imagine studying here? (and getting work done...)

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20 Jun Andreas Schreiber ‏@onyame PROV Ontology: presented by @timrdf #ipaw2012

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20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Cool: namespace lookup for RDF developers | #ipaw2012 (Wonder how comprehensive this is...)

20 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Heh. prov docs support conneg ( -- play with curling), and even has embedded prov-o metadata in RDFa #ipaw2012

19 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Lots of useful diagrams (& crazy reification) in PROV-DM slides: No wonder dc mapping's fulla blank nodes. #ipaw2012

19 Jun Andreas Schreiber ‏@onyame The W3C PROV Data Model, presented by @pgroth #ipaw2012

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19 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth 28 participants at #ipaw2012 tutorial on the @w3c provenance specs

19 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth

  1. ipaw2012 @yolandagil motivating why we need the @w3c provenance standard

19 Jun Corey Harper ‏@chrpr Settling in for a crash-course in W3C provenance efforts before #ipaw2012 gets started tomo. Excited for a fresh perspective on prov stuff!

19 Jun Curt Tilmes ‏@ctilmes I can drive upham to #ipaw2012 if anyone needs a ride..

19 Jun Tom De Nies ‏@TomDeNies

  1. W3C #prov tutorial at this afternoon. It's #ipaw2012 week!

19 Jun Andreas Schreiber ‏@onyame I'm attending IPAW 2012, 19th-21st June 2012 in Santa Barbara #ipaw2012

19 Jun JunZhao ‏@junszhao tuned in #ipaw2012 for remote catch up. Shame can't be there in person!

19 Jun DrMike ‏@mikejewell About to head onto a plane to LA for #ipaw2012 - lots of hugs to @rees_p for today!

18 Jun Paul Groth ‏@pgroth I'm going from the upham hotel for #ipaw2012 if anyone needs a ride

18 Jun James Frew ‏@jefrew Welcome #ipaw2012 attendees! Please tweet if you have a ride you can share.

18 Jun Frank Olken ‏@frankolken IPAW 2012 - 4th International Provenance and Annotation Workshop, Santa Barbara, July 19-21, #ipaw2012

17 Jun Tim Lebo ‏@timrdf Anyone at LAX right now headed to #ipaw2012? Expand

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